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Book review: Instant Style

In Style’s Instant Style: Your Season-by-Season Guide for Work and Weekend may have been published seven year’s ago, but it’s still a great resource for figuring out your style and creating your wardrobe (and isn’t that the mark of true fashion and style – when it never goes out of style?).

style bookThis book is all about easy reading and quick references. Being something of a book nut, I loved how even the binding of this book opens in such a way that the pages lie flat. The images and text are large and straightforward, and the book comes with a bookmark of essential items you need for each season, as well as a style booklet to write in and track your wardrobe accordingly.

This “guidebook” is broken down into four main sections: first, how to figure out your own body shape, and recommendations for the right colours and styles for your complexion and age; second, how to clean out and organize your wardrobe so that it’s ready for inventory and new items; third, what to purchase for each season; and fourth, recommendations for accessorizing and budgeting.

It’s a trusty resource to have around when you’re looking to re-design your wardrobe, refine your look, or pick up some fresh tips on the classics.

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