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How to get loose, natural curls

Looking for loose, natural-looking curls? Wavy hair is a hot look these days, and now you can have it, too!

natural-looking curly hair

Loved this look!

This fantastic video from Michelle Phan is a great demo for how to get curly, wavy hair without using harsh heat or chemicals.

paper bag curls

If you have longer hair like me, wet rather than damp hair is great for these curls - gives them the big, bouncy, wavy feel.

Check out the video here to get your very own no-heat paper bag curls for loose, natural-looking, wavy curls!

get wavy curls

This hair makes me feel like I should be on the set of a film noir!

fashionable hair

I'm enjoying Instagram a little TOO much 😉 (psst... come find me!

Do you like the curly hair look? Have you tried no-heat paper bag curls? What’s your favourite fashionable hair style? Share in the comments section below, and send photos of your no-heat paper bag curls to!