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Exercise I’m Currently Loving: Push-Ups

5 reasons to love push-ups

How awesome are push-ups? My exercise routine changes up fairly regularly, and over the past year I’ve gotten away from lifting weights and *conscious* strength training (while still definitely gaining strength from walking, running, Pilates, and yoga!).

But I’ve never really *gotten away from* push-ups. I might let a few weeks go by without doing a set, but push-ups are a fairly consistent component of my fitness life.

why I love push-ups

Me (from MANY years ago [check out that BLONDE hair!] – but while I was still blogging! Goodness this blog has been around for a while :)) doing push-ups in Cambodia.

There are a few reasons why I love push-ups:

  1. You can do them anywhere, at any time (I mean, ideally not in the middle of the street, but you know.)—you can even do them at the Colosseum and at Angkor Wat!
  2. They give you a total-body workout—abs, arms, legs, back; everything.
  3. They don’t require any extra equipment or fancy gear. Always a plus!
  4. They make you feel STRONG.
  5. You can see your progress if you track how many you can do in a row over time.
why push-ups are awesome

Me from EVEN LONGER AGO doing push-ups in Italy. Around the world in 80 push-ups?

Right now, I can do about 25 good-form, on-the-toes push-ups in a row. It’s certainly not 100 good-form, on-the-toes push-ups in a row, but it’s not something to laugh at, either!

I’m pleased with my push-ups progress (I’ve been tracking since the beginning of the summer, and each month I can do a few extra). Some day, I plan on successfully completing the 100 push-ups challenge once again, but for now, I’m just happy with my semi-regular sets of push-ups.

What exercise are you currently loving? What do you like best about push-ups? Have you ever tried the 100 Push-Ups Challenge? Share in the comments section below!

Pssst… stay tuned for next week’s fitness post when I’ll be providing tips for how to perform a great push-up!

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  1. Yum Yucky

    Same here! I looove push-ups. I can currently bust out about 25 full-body reps before I need a break. I’m also working on my explosive plyo push-ups — on my knees for right ow until I gain the strength to do them on my toes. I remember those early pics of yours. But what you don’t know about back then is that those pics inspired me to believe I could actually do a push-up (I couldn’t do any at the time).

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