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Fashion Trends for 2014

What’s going to be hot in 2014? Here, my predictions for what the new year will bring!

  • Monochromatic outfits. One solid line from head to toe of the same colour – neutrals like black, grey, and white are common, but have some fun with it by going all-blue or all-green or… you name it! Monochrome is going to be in. You can also keep this look fresh and add texture by using different shades or tones of the same colour.
  • Sophisticated elegance. Fitted blazers and sweaters, classic button-downs, subtle details, and a single “girly” element (such as a small ruffle or discreet bow) are going to be all the rage. It’s time to graduate from the youthful look and focus on something a little more upscale!
  • Stylish accessories. Everything from cocktail rings to fascinators to sparkly statement earrings to bold necklaces to embellished purses are rocking the fashion world right now. Take advantage of it and make your accessories the main focus! This trend pairs especially well with going monochromatic.
  • Finding your style. 2014 is your year to try out different items, mix and match, and figure out what style is exactly right for you! Know who you are and show it in your outfits. There’s nothing as fashionable as that (and coming soon: a mini-series on redefining – and redesigning – your style without spending a fortune!).

What fashion statements will you make in 2014? Share in the comments section below!


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