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Five Steps to Beautiful Skin

My aesthetician recently inquired as to how I care for my skin – she was having some problems with hers and wanted to know how my skin remains clear after a treatment. Although I do happen to be blessed with good genes when it comes to my skin, there are definitely a few things that I do to keep it in great condition. Here, five steps to beautiful skin!

1) Start with a clean base. Wash your face gently with warm or cold water and a natural soap (locally-made with all-natural ingredients, such as goat milk and coconut oil, tend to be really great on the skin). Do this first thing in the morning. In the summer, I recommend rinsing at least once in the evening, but in the winter you should only wash your face once a day due to the dryness of the colder weather (at least in Winnipeg. If you happen to live in a more humid / damp climate, then by all means rinse once or twice).

2) Exfoliate once or twice each week. Try not to exfoliate more than a couple of times each week, because that can be too harsh on the skin. A gentle exfoliate (either made with natural ingredients, or even homemade – there are plenty of great recipes online!) rubbed into the cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin, and then rinsed completely, once or twice each week, can really make your skin shine (in a good way!).

natural face moisturizer

My favourite brand for facial moisturizer and scrub is Sukin Organics.

3) Moisturize daily. At least once a day. Again, in a dry winter, you may want to moisturize two or three times per day. No matter your skin type, your face will likely do better with a moisturizer that features more natural ingredients (again, coconut oil is a great one) than a commercial brand that is laced with chemicals and artificial ingredients. Be sure to moisturize your forehead up to your hairline, all around your nose and eyes and mouth (without getting any in there!), as well as your chin and all the way around your neck.

4) Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated can do wonders for your skin! Water reduces dryness and puffiness, and gives your skin a nice “clear” look. It’s also a good idea to eat lots of dark leafy greens, since the combination of nutrients from those greens also helps to keep your skin healthy.

5) Lose the foundation. Yes, it covers up spots and blemishes – but it also aggravates them and can in the long term damage your skin. Blemishes need to breathe; covering them up only intensifies them. If you are devoted to your foundation, try going without it just a couple of times each week to start. Even that can make a big difference. Ideally, I would recommend wearing foundation no more than three days a week, but I realize that that can be a lot to ask for! For myself, I might dab on some foundation a couple of times a year. Your skin will be much healthier and happier if you let it breathe more frequently.

Your turn! What do you do to keep your skin healthy and happy? Share in the comments section below!


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