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How to get a festive look for the holidays

It’s getting to be a festive time of year! Just in time for the holidays, some fun and classy ways to get in the holiday spirit and freshen up your look:

1) Add sparkle. Choose shiny jewelry and great statement pieces to draw attention to your look. Beautiful, eye-catching earrings are a personal favourite, but you can do the same with necklaces, rings, bracelets… whichever works for you!

2) Apply shimmer. Give your nails instant glow with a glamorous pale pink sheen, or simply apply a shiny, clear topcoat to make your nails shimmer and gleam in a beautifully natural sort of way.

3) Get curly. Change up your hair and give yourself pretty, loose curls with this fun no-heat technique! Paper bag curls are the next big thing for reducing damage to your hair while looking amazing.

4) Rise up. And up and up and up. Heels are just the thing to pull this look together and add instant elegance.

5) Swipe red. Red lipstick is a timeless way to make your look that much more festive! Grab your favourite shade of red, swipe it on your lips, and you’ve completed this five-step process to getting a festive look for the holidays.

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