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Ten-second fix: body shapers

You found the perfect dress or shirt, but it’s just a little too snug when you try it on. What can you do? Go for body shapers!

What are body shapers?

Body-shaping tights and other materials are just the thing you need to reduce “lumpiness” and get a more sleek and streamlined look. These can be pricey pieces, but it’s worth it to have a couple of really great options for those clothes that need some extra support (and you can also find deals on these types of items at places like Healthkart Coupons). They come in all shapes and sizes to suit your needs depending on the type of clothes that you’ll be wearing overtop of your body shaper.

body shaper

Classic full-leg shaping tight.

What’s the best body shaper for me?

I like having a couple of different colours – nude and black tones are generally the most versatile – as well as a few different options in length. Body shapers can cover everything from the feet to the top of the ribcage, or they can just cover the waist and thighs, or just smooth out the waist. There are a lot of options to choose from, so it’s best to figure out which clothes you have that require “smoothing out” and figure out which type of body shaper is suitable for you from that point.

You can even find body shapers that double as regular tights and t-shirts (bonus!). And of course, there is the classic corset – although corsets are a little bit trickier to pull off these days (plus you’re going to be paying considerably more for those little numbers compared to everyday body shaper wear).

black tights

Waist-to-knee body shaper for shorter dresses.

Why should I wear body shapers?

Body shapers are also a good option if you have recently gained a few pounds but aren’t quite ready to put together a whole new wardrobe. Wear a body shaper under your favourite pair of pants or skirt, and it’ll fit that much better within seconds!

Body shapers are also a great choice to wear under any clothes that fit snugly or if you just want that “smoother” sort of look – it holds everything “in” and together and can be an excellent confidence booster.

To recap, body shapers:

  • Make clothes fit better – check.
  • Make you look sleeker and smoother – check.
  • Make you feel that much more confident – check.

It’s win-win-win!

Do you have a favourite type of body shaper? How do you feel about them? Share in the comments section below!

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