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How to plan and track your outfits

Much as I would like to be as organized in real life (read: my dresser) as I am on paper (read: making lists and schedules), I’m just not. I haven’t quite mastered that skill yet. And so, day after day, I find myself frantically going through piles of clothes with that old adage of nothing to wear.

what to wear

Of course, sometimes all you really need is a pair of Cons, some black jeans, a faux leather jacket, and a great scarf.

Recently I’ve found a great system that works for me: using a large desktop calendar to write out a week in advance what I’ll wear each day (including notes on belts, hats, and shoes). Occasionally, if I’m feeling especially in a planning mood, I’ll make a note about make-up and hair styles to match with the outfit. The evening before (if I’m really organized) or (more often than not) the morning of, I’ll take a quick scan of my desktop calendar, and voila! Outfit choice has been made for me and all I need to do is grab the right items and assemble accordingly.

planning outfitsI find that this is especially useful for determining what to wear when I have to attend networking events or meetings or other social gatherings, and I generally have a back-up plan in case the weather turns nasty. By writing out a week or two in advance what I’ll wear, I no longer battle with my dresser or have to try to decide between boots or heels or flats.

If a calendar isn’t your thing, and you want to be a little more creative, consider snapping photos every time you wear a different outfit, and putting them in a scrapbook so that you know exactly which blouse to match with which pants or skirt. Alternatively, you can draw or take photos of each clothing item, and then mix and match them in a photo album to see dozens of looks within seconds.

cat and skirt

A cat might not be your BEST accessory. But even a cat goes well with that colourful skirt!

What do you do to plan or track your outfits? How do you protect yourself from falling into the trap of pulling shirt after sweater after dress after pants out of your dresser in vain when you’re already running late? Share in the comments section below!


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