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Capris: from working out to going out

One of my favourite pairs of pants are some black, skin-tight, stretchy capris that I got for free from New Balance at a blogging conference a few years back (they might actually be these ones – or at least they are very similar).

These capris are amazing for working out in, but they’re also comfortable enough that I like wearing them out-and-about, too. They’re appropriate for wearing in the summer for walking around the city, or on days when we have yoga at work, but these capris just don’t quite cut it as nice enough to wear them as normal pants to an event or on a regular workday.

how to wear capris

I’m really into the red-and-black accents.

So, I decided to jazz them up a bit. Mostly I’ve been wearing them with a tunic over top and matching them with some ballet flats to make it work-appropriate in the summer, but now that the weather is cooling off, I’ve found a great use for them: pair them with boots, a belt, and a beret!

beret and belt

You can’t even tell that they’re capris!

For this look, I combined a long-sleeved red sweater with a black scarf, black beret, thick black belt, black purse, my black capris, and knee-high black boots. I finished the look off with some dangly crystal earrings and a casual ponytail.

wearing capris

This outfit shouts AUTUMN to me.

What’s your favourite way to wear capris? Do you transform work-out gear to going-out clothes? Share in the comments section below!

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