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The Versatility of Skirts

The weather is finally getting warmer in Winnipeg! Granted, it snowed yesterday, and there is still plenty of ice on the sidewalks, but it’s really feeling as though spring is on the way.

And with springtime comes warm-weather clothing: one of the best parts about the changing seasons!

One article of clothing that I’m especially excited about this spring is the skirt. Skirts are wonderfully versatile: they can be worn in all kinds of weather conditions and temperatures, can be dressed up or dressed down, and can be paired with a multitude of different tops and accessories.

upcycled skirt

This skirt was upcycled from a men’s shirt – got it from a boutique in Vancouver!

Thinking about making skirts one of your staples this season? Here are some tips to get you started:

1) Pair your skirt with tights and ankle boots in cooler temperatures. Black tights are a classic, and some black heeled ankle boots will create a nice long line. Add a winter jacket and scarf to complete the look!

2) Choose high-heeled pumps or ballet flats when going bare-legged. Heels are a personal favourite, but if you’re walking a ways, they aren’t exactly the most practical option. Enter ballet flats! Cute and stylish, they’re also super comfortable.

Side note:

Invest in a high-quality pair of ballet flats to ensure maximum comfort and durability. I’ve worn my silver-grey Jimmy Choo ballet flats all day nearly every workday for the past two years and they’re still holding up great!

Investing in high-quality shoes might seem like a scary purchase, but if you wear the wrong shoes, you’re going to have major hip and back problems later in life. Besides, when you really break it down to the frequency and longevity of wearing high-quality shoes, it can equal out to $1 / day. Cheap shoes will be uncomfortable AND they’ll wear out quickly (plus they often don’t look as pretty!).

cute skirt

I like a skirt with pockets.

3) Dress your look up or down by switching your top. Blouses and camisoles are generally a safe bet for pairing with skirts, but depending on the occasion and the temperature (as well as the material / colour of your skirt), you can pair it with long-sleeved shirts, tank tops, cardigans, and even – dare I say it – t-shirts. If you’re going to wear your skirt with a t-shirt, ensure that the colours work together and that the shirt is a simple one (such as the white shirt I’m wearing in the top photo). The idea here is that it can be more of a blank canvas to work from. Adding a thick belt, as I’ve done in the above photos, can help bring the look together nicely.

boutique jewelry

Love the green-gold threads in this cuff.

Bonus tip: add pretty jewelry! A statement piece such as a cuff bracelet (see above) can pull an otherwise simple look together.

How do you like to wear skirts? What is one of your favourite articles of clothing that you’re excited about this spring? Share in the comments section below!


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