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Three reasons to add grey to your wardrobe

I love the colour grey. I thrive on overcast days and feel a strong affinity to greyness. When we talk about favourite colours, the most common ones tend to be green and blue and red. I’ve never been good at answering the question of what’s your favourite colour? because it always depended on *what* exactly the questioner was referring to. Colour preference can change according to mood or paint colour vs. clothing attire or the seasons.

But for me, grey is a little different. I feel as though the colour grey and I *get* one another. I appreciate the many different shades of grey, whether it’s a dark steely shade or a light, almost blue-grey. And when it comes to fashion, grey is a wonderful colour that should not be overlooked in your wardrobe! Here’s why:

1) Grey is a neutral colour.

When we think of “neutrals” that go with just about everything, we usually stop at black and white. But what about the grey area? Grey is a beauty that you can pair with all kinds of other colours! Play around with it and give it the opportunity to shine. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many other colours grey looks great with.

grey ruffle shirt

Just look at how happy I am wearing grey!

2) Grey can be polished.

You can get class from many different colours, but there’s something special about the classiness and polished look that comes from wearing grey. Move over, little black dress and little white dress – it’s time for the LGD to shine! While black and white can sometimes have a tendency to be too stark or harsh, grey is a colour that looks prettily polished without being over the top. And that brings us to our third and final reason why grey is an awesome colour:

3) Grey can be a blank canvas.

Black and white sometimes steal the show. Grey can certainly be the main event, but often it works better as a canvas to work from. You can keep it simple and use the grey as a way to simply make you shine, or you can spice up your grey by adding bold jewelry, accessories such as shoes or a scarf with a pop of colour, or a big look-at-me hairstyle.

How do you feel about grey? What’s your favourite colour to wear? Do you like overcast days? Share in the comments section below!

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