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The boot for all occasions

Move over, little black dress, and make room for the new wardrobe staple: the little black ankle boot!

black boot

My favourite pair for everyday wearing.

I love ankle boots because they are so versatile. You can wear them any season of the year – spring, summer, autumn, or winter – and for both informal and formal events. Ankle boots can be paired with a skirt or dress, jeans, black pants, or even with shorts and tights.

black ankle boot

A slightly higher heel can class up any outfit.

Ankle boots are appropriate for the office, formal events, a night on the town, or just going out for groceries. They’re easy to pull on and a smaller, thicker heel will give you instant glam while still enabling you to walk for hours in them.

black ankle boot

Love the detail of the buckle on this one. And the heel is the perfect height!

Black ankle boots in particular are a great option since they offer a blank canvas that you can match any outfit to. Adding an additional black accessory, such as a purse or scarf, or streamlining the boots with a pair of black pants or tights, will really pull your entire outfit together.

perfect ankle boot

The ruching on this boot is exquisite.

When choosing a great ankle boot, go for a timelessly classic slightly-rounded toe and a heel that is comfortable for you to walk in. Details, such as buckles and ruching shown here, are also really nice touches.

Do you like ankle boots? What details or styles do you prefer? Share in the comments section below!

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