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Five tips for doing a photo shoot for your fashion blog

5 easy steps to doing a fantastic photo shoot for your fashion blog.Got a fashion blog? Thinking about doing a photo shoot but not quite sure how to get started? Here are some tips to help you out!

1) Plan ahead of time the outfit(s) you want to use and the type of setting you want as your backdrop.

What do you want to showcase with your photo shoot? What is the purpose of the photo shoot? Also try using a couple different backdrops for your photo shoot, just in case the one you’re using has some kind of an issue. (Case in point: I once did a photo shoot where there was a lamp sticking out of my head nearly the entire time. Oops!)

how to do a fashion photo shoot

It’s amazing what lighting can do. Experiment with outdoor and indoor photo shoots at different times of day, with the lighting coming from different directions. I was surprised at how much I liked the angle of the sun in this photo!

2) Find a photographer.

A significant other, family member, or good friend who can take decent photos with a high-quality camera will do nicely. Let them know if there are specific angles you want them to use, or if there are key pieces of your outfit that you want them to occasionally focus on. Show them examples of other photos that you like. Remember that they aren’t professionals, so you will have to direct them!

3) Always take more photos than you think you will need.

Take a few breaks throughout the photo shoot to look at the photographs to check that your hem hasn’t flipped up or your collar isn’t crooked. If you have a professional photographer, then you shouldn’t need to worry about checking these things, but for those of us who are relying on our wonderful significant others to do the photo shoot, it’s a very good idea to double check these things.

fashion shoot

Have fun playing around with different types of poses! You’ll get some neat angles and views, and you’ll also be able to tell what expressions and poses work best for YOU.

4) Try different poses and expressions, and don’t be afraid to get silly!

You never know what works and what doesn’t until you try it out. The more poses and expressions you use, the more options you will have to choose from later on.

5) Review your photographs when the photo shoot is over to see if you can re-use photos.

Are there other blog posts that you are inspired to write based on some of these photographs? If you are taking the time to do a photo shoot, you might as well really make it worth your while by being able to use the photos for different topics! If you can think of at least two blog posts to write based on the photo shoot, that’s great. Over time you might also find more and more uses for the photographs. And of course, if you can think of several blog post ideas for the different photos taken during the photo shoot, even better!

how to do a photo shoot

Use filters for a different look! Black and white or sepia can make even a messy home look interesting 🙂

Do you have any tips to add here? Any questions to ask about doing photo shoots? Share in the comments section below!


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