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Happy Holidays!

Today the boyfriend and I are heading to Minitonas to spend Christmas with his family! In celebration of this holiday season – no matter what holiday you celebrate – I’ve decided to give away a free copy of my e-book, Healthy Living How-To!

free e-book

To enter to win, just leave a comment at the end of this blog post and tell me how you are staying healthy this holiday season. It can relate to any kind of health: emotional, physical, spiritual, financial, social, etc.

For myself, I’ve been keeping healthy mentally by doing yoga a few times each week and spending lots of time with loved ones (so nice to have the father dear home for a few weeks!). I’ve also been making sure to eat appropriate portion sizes and to get plenty of sleep for good physical health. The littlest changes in lifestyle can make huge differences to your health.


Me and the sistertraveller.

How are you maintaining your good health this holiday season?

The winner of my healthy living e-book will be announced next week on Friday, December 31st. The winner will receive a copy of the book just in time for the New Year 🙂

I’ll be out of town until Tuesday, so the father dear is filling in for me and guest posting on Monday – be sure to check back on Monday to read his article about diets around the world and judgment based on food choices.


  1. Andrea (Off Her Cork)

    We stopped traveling for the holidays. Wow the stress is gone and we are able to just truly relax and do what we want. It’s amazing how avoiding angry travelers and drama makes the holiday so much better. I’ll keep running over the holiday but I also plan to fully enjoy myself and take time to chill out. 🙂

  2. Geosomin

    This year we are staying close to home. Very little gifts…more time with family and taking time to relax and eat turkey. Some of my family is crazy, but that is nothing new. A little mulled wine will get us through 🙂 I’ve been working hard this semester at being healthy so I’m going to try and keep it together over the week off…we shall see.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. The Bird Cage

    Just wanted to drop by and wish you very happy holidays Sagan!

    I loved your previous post on Osteporosis, definitely something we should all pay more attention to. My ED has left me with the bone density of a 85 year old grandma… I actually got my appointment for the Canadian Osteporosis Clinic two days ago. It’s in February, I’ll have been waiting for it for over 3 months! Ha! But I’m in!!!

    Satying healthy this holiday by… eating!!! delegating!!! relaxing!!! breathing!!! All things I didn’t use to do before. Holidays were always the time when I would lose the most weight, because it was so easy to distract people and not eat. Not this time around! It has been going great, despite the little anxiety that I still get when I’m faced with giant plates filled with rich foods… but I just plow through it!

    Happy holidays!

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