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How to know if an item suits you

Shopping can be a tricky thing when you’re trying to determine exactly what looks good on you and what doesn’t. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to ensure you only purchase items which are right for your body:

  • Ask someone to come along. I don’t mean a friend who always tells you that you look great in everything, either. Ask someone who is candid to give real input on your shopping choices. Myself, I find that the mother dear and Mr. Science are both excellent choices: they will tell me honestly when something is just right for me, and they’ll give a little shrug and say it’s not their first choice if I try on something that is any less than perfect.
  • Do a photo shoot… in the change room. Mirrors, I find, can be deceptive. So the best way to quickly get down to the harsh reality is to snap a quick photo of yourself in the mirror when you’re trying out an outfit, and then take a look at it. Smartphones are great for this technique. Photos are generally much less flattering than mirrors, so if something looks good in a photo, you can guarantee that it looks fantastic in person.
New beret

Or you can ask someone else to snap a photo of you in your new dress and beret!

  • Get to know the salespeople. If you shop at the same store often enough, you’ll become more comfortable with the salespeople. This is very good, as it allows you to carry out a good conversation with them and ask for their honest opinion. They see people trying on clothes all the time and can probably offer you some good hints and advice, especially if you already have built up a good rapport.
  • Shop at local boutiques and specialty stores. It’s valuable to shop at a place where the salespeople really know their stuff. Walk in, tell them what you’re looking for, and add that you want their advice and would appreciate it if they can help you out in figuring out which items would be best for you.

How do you tell if an item is just right for you? Do you snap a picture of yourself or ask others for advice? Share your tips, techniques and suggestions in the comments section below!

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