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Ten-second boost: red lipstick

Besides scarves, red lipstick is my staple. I swipe it a few times a week before leaving the house. It takes a matter of 30 seconds to stand in front of the mirror and slick it on, but it instantly lifts my spirits and makes whatever I’m wearing pop.

If you’re running late in the morning, red lipstick is the single easiest thing you can do to make yourself look glamorous, even if the rest of your outfit is pretty ordinary. So head to your nearest beauty boutique, find the shade of red that suits your skin tone, and go nuts!

Not sure you want to go for a deep, dark, or bright red? Just a lighter shade – or just swipe it and then dab to lessen the effect.

My current favourites: Arissa in “Kiss Me,” Lancome in “Merlot,” and MAC in “Redwood.”

What is your favourite lipstick brand or colour? Are you a fan of wearing red lipstick? Share in the comments below or email a photo of your favourite lipstick to!

Get a gorgeous red lip:

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