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Jabra Sport Wireless+ Product Review

Music isn’t always a necessity for me when I work out. This is primarily because I have never been able to find a device where the earbuds don’t promptly fall out of my ears! It drives me crazy. Finally I just gave up listening to music altogether when exercising. It was too much of a hassle.

Jabra SportEnter Jabra Sport Wireless+! I was eager to give Jabra a try when the offer for a product review came in. When my headset arrived, I was a little bit overwhelmed. There were so many little bits of paper in the package, and although the manual said I could “get started in under 5 minutes,” I was skeptical. Me + troubleshooting technology does not always = happy fun awesome times.

And then I finally opened the manual, and found the Bluetooth section on my iPhone, and I’m pretty sure it was set up in about 2.5 minutes. Suddenly I was all ready to go!

Once I was less intimidated (i.e. when I actually read the very brief, very easy-to-read manual), I began to really appreciate the beauty of this little device. For one thing, it comes with six different “eargels” to fit over the earbuds, all designed for different ear shapes. And I found a pair that fit my ears! It was very exciting. For another, the headset itself is really cute, super low-profile, and stays put once you start moving around.

Jabra Sport WirelessThe two earpieces are connected to each other by a simple, short cable that fits nicely behind the head. And the buttons on the headset! It is a brilliant tool: the multifunction on / off button is also used as a play / pause button for music and to answer and end phone calls. Volume buttons are right on the headset, as well as an FM button for listening to the radio.

The one drawback is that you need to have your smartphone on you while you’re running in order to listen to the music on it – your option is either to choose the FM radio instead, or else to invest in one of those cool arm bands for your phone to carry it securely with you while you’re exercising (must. find. phone. arm band.).

It might take me some time to figure out the sensitivity of the buttons and figure out how Bluetooth works on my phone – I accidentally started dialing someone’s phone number the very first time I used it (but I think I figured out how to end the call before it went through!) – but once I’ve gotten the hang of it, I’m positive it’ll become my new best friend.

Have you tried Jabra Sport Wireless+? Do you like listening to music while exercising? Do you have problems finding earbuds that fit your ears? How are you with troubleshooting technology? Share in the comments section below to be entered to win a set of Jabra Sport Wireless+ for yourself!


  1. Lyle Opseth

    Cords are my problem when exercising or working around the house. They get in the way and get caught. If I could avoid cords attaching to my mp3 player, I would have less trouble. The cord attaching the headphones could be under my shirt and this would help solve my problems.

  2. Sandi Tymchuk

    It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who has problems with earbuds while working out (or tolerating them for hours during travel, for example). These would work well for me!

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  4. Brenda Penton

    I’ve not tried the Jabra Sport Wireless+. I do have problems with finding ear buds to fit in my ears so I don’t usually listen to music on the go while out jogging or walking. I do listen to music while exercising at home though.

  5. Bailey Dexter

    I have not tried these one before but, I have a hearing barrier and wear hearing aids but a friend of mine has the same barrier and loves these ones! She always chatting about them….

  6. Marlene V

    Have you tried Jabra Sport Wireless+? Nope
    Do you like listening to music while exercising? Yes
    Do you have problems finding earbuds that fit your ears? I do
    How are you with troubleshooting technology? not good but my husband is and I usually ask him for help

  7. Maegan Morin

    Wow, I need these. I love listening to music while working out and I know these would be perfect for that. Also I have such a hard time finding earbuds that fit my ears. They always end up hurting me, a lot. These would be fantastic.

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