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Leaving jobs and starting new chapters

Two weeks ago, I quit my job.

It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while. I think that it begins with an itch in the back of your mind, a restlessness with where you’re at, and it develops into exhaustion and unhappiness. Like that, you make the decision. And suddenly it’s an enormous weight off your chest and your spirits lift again!

My job was great – the organization was awesome – the people were lovely – but it just wasn’t right for me anymore. I was burned out and I’d lost my sparkle for things. I love my sparkle! Without it, I feel lost, and I can’t be my best self.

So I decided to quit.

This was the first time that the decision was *really* my own. In the past, my jobs have been contract pieces or in-between work or had some kind of an end point. I could have gone on doing program management and development / outreach work at this fantastic charity for probably several years longer (contingent on funding, of course). But somewhere along the way, it stopped being challenging in the right ways, and I stopped being passionate about my particular work, and it stopped being the right fit.

So I gave my notice.

(Scene: I walk into my manager’s office. I may or may not be trembling slightly and unusually pale. “Are you okay??!!” She asks. End scene. Telling someone that you’ve made up your mind not to work there any longer is TERRIFYING, even when your manager is really nice and supportive of your decision. It’s so weird to think that I’ve never had to actually *do* that before!).

Since making this decision, I’ve felt so good. I’m leaving my job to become a full-time freelance editor and writer, which I’ve wanted to do for a long time but just hadn’t quite made the leap. I can think of exactly four times in my life when I was perfectly clear and calm and confident about my decision and knew it was right, and this was one of them (the others: moving to Spain as an au pair. Partnering with Mr Science. Buying the condo. In that order).

March 31, I start freelancing full-time! I’ll blog about my freelancing experiences over at Living Rhetorically, and I will also be blogging in general over here, on my fashion blog, and on my food diary blog much more regularly. I’m excited to focus on two things that I absolutely love – editing and writing – for my career, and I’m also looking forward to the opportunity to create new habits as my entire lifestyle shifts. There is so much possibility. Here’s to starting new life chapters!

What lifestyle changes have you made lately? Do you enjoy your work? How have you felt when you’ve given notice to your boss? If you could do anything, what would it be? Share in the comments section below!


  1. Contemplative Fitness

    First, good luck with your future endeavors. I wish you success, and enjoyment.

    When I was quite young, a superior in the US Coast Guard said to me,

    “The best job you’ll ever have is the one you just left or the one you are going to next. Rarely is it the one you are in right now.”

    That stuck, but I do recognize there is a time to walk away. For me that was several weeks ago when I served my clients notice that I was done — burned out — kaput. They suggested that I take time to think about it. I left town for a short period, gave it much consideration, and came back renewed and ready to continue — for about 48 hours. My time, in this incarnation, is done. I probably have less than a year left, and then I will remake myself somewhere else.

    And I remember something somebody else said to me at an early age,

    “If you leap, the net will appear.”

    It’s time to leap. Thank you for the reminder.

    1. Sagan Morrow

      Oh I like those quotes!

      It’s so important to be able to identify when something isn’t working – but I DEFINITELY think there’s so much value to take some time to plan for it. It took me about five months after I knew that I was *done* before announcing it. It’s worth taking the time to look at things from all angles and prepare for the leap!

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