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Making the switch to a new job

Today I’m leaving with the boyfriend and Westwood for a three-day kayaking trip! Hope you all have a great long weekend 🙂

Our “Managing a 60-hour workweek” mini-series will begin next week, but today I wanted to announce that this was my last week working at the vet clinic (if by “last week” I mean that I only worked there 1.5 days this week and now I’m done with that job for good, which I do :))!

Transferring to a new job is always a very exciting time. I had a great time at the holistic vet clinic – my boss (AKA the mother dear), my co-workers, the clients, the patients and the environment were all really nice. I worked there for nearly five years, and in the beginning it was just the mother dear and I. We built the business “from scratch,” so it feels awesome to see how far the business has come within the past five years. One of the best parts is knowing that the vet clinic can carry on without me. It doesn’t need me in order to run.

That’s the essence of my new job working as Coordinator for Fruit Share: my role is to design a system that volunteers can use so that there isn’t a need to have someone in my position. That’s also the essence of my work at The Food Label Movement: we created the organization in the hopes that we will be able to improve food labels and thus there won’t be a necessity for our consumer advocacy group. (If I keep getting myself into these jobs, there won’t be anything left! Haha).

sharing fruit

I’m very excited about my Fruit Share contract position. It’s something that I can stand behind 100% and really believe in, which I think is very important for any job that we take on.

At the same time, it’ll be a very big change for me. This is the first time since I started working in high school that I won’t be working with/for the mother dear. It’s the first time since I started working that I won’t be working at a vet clinic. It’s the first time since I started working that I’ll be working from home full-time (except for the eight hours each week that I spend at my awesome PR job). It’s very timely that I’m hosting the 60-hour workweek mini-series right now, since I’m sure I’ll learn tons about how to manage yourself when you’re working from a home office full-time!

I’m not the slightest bit afraid of the change – I can’t think of a more perfect role for me to take right now, and I think that we’re going to be able to do amazing things with Fruit Share. I also think that it’s a very big and important step for me to get out of a business relationship with the mother dear so that we can maintain a proper mother-daughter relationship again 🙂

Do you feel excited or scared when you’re starting a new job? Are you doing something that you love in your career? Have you worked from home and did you enjoy it?


  1. Liz

    Good luck Sagan! I hope it is really rewarding and am sure you’ll learn a lot from it. I love the idea of doing jobs where your goal is to eliminate the need for them! Hope the kayaking holiday has been superb too.

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