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Sharing fruit and promoting healthy living

Today I’m leaving for Toronto! It’s going to be a busy five days:

  • Today I fly out to Toronto, meet up with the sistertraveller (she’s doing her Masters there in political theory), and then we’re driving to the town our grandparents live in.
  • Thursday we spend the day with our grandparents. Hurray! Haven’t seen them in far too long.
  • Friday we head back to Toronto to meet up with the mother dear and the godmother dear, both of whom are flying from Winnipeg to Toronto that day.
  • Friday night to Sunday afternoon, the sistertraveller, mother dear, godmother dear and myself are going to shop, enjoy new restaurants and explore the city!
Sagan and an apple tree

Photo credit: Elizabeth Shearer

It’s sure to be a blast. In the meantime, while I’m dashing between work and catching a plane and driving to see my grandparents today, you can all read an article that features me! Actually, it’s about Fruit Share and my role in it. The article is called Sharing fruit and promoting healthy living. I spend so much of my time writing articles that it’s rather fun to have an article written about me (on the inside front page, no less!) 🙂 Okay, shameless self-promotion is ending now. Hope you all have a lovely week!


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