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MizFit Poster Girl!

My very own MizFit bracelet arrived in the mail yesterday! It is lovely and orange. Click here to learn more about the bracelet. I was very excited to get it, and not only because I like getting stuff in the mail that isn’t just a boring visa bill (or a speeding ticket. Those aren’t much fun either). We all have those days when our motivation is lacking and we need something to perk us up and get us back on track. This can come in many different forms- photos, encouraging notes with positive phrases on them, the support of loved ones and so on and so forth. But what I have found is that it is rare that one of these things works every time. After all, there are many different reasons for feeling a lack of motivation, and so the same thing won’t always get us out of the rut. That’s why its best to be armed with as many defenses against the problem as possible! And that’s where the bracelet comes in. If you’ve got something on your wrist at all times, its going to be tough to just put aside that little reminder and walk away from it (that’s why I always used to write stuff on my hand rather than in my agenda book- its kind of hard to not look at your hand during the day, but its really easy to not open up that little day planner!). And yes, there will indeed be photos up soon of the bracelet on display:)

What do you use for motivation when you’re starting to feel stale or negative?

Only Beautiful People Past This Point

For the most part, I’ve been pleased with how I look throughout my life. I love life and when you love something, it’s rather infectious. That being said, I have had my fair share of body image issues. And it is things like this that are responsible for so many people’s issues- a website devoted to people who are of a certain “level” of beauty? This is completely disgusting. Just THINK of the eating disorders and body image issues that would never arise if these types of things weren’t around! How can this help anyones confidence and self esteem? Even the people who get onto the website are going to be going through huge confidence issues, I’m sure. The idea of such a website makes me sick; it seems that it only promotes negative thoughts about ones own body and others’. There was even one woman mentioned in the article who got breast augmentation so that she would be “pretty enough” to be on this website.

Personally, I am not an advocate of plastic surgery. In general I think its a scary process that has too many bad side effects for it to be worth it, and in many cases I don’t think it contributes to feelings of confidence and being comfortable and happy with who you are. And I’m saying this after I (naturally) lost a cup size (I wasn’t actually aware that I could get much flatter, but apparently losing a bit of weight has had that effect). Beauty comes from the inside out, people. You don’t need a website to determine if you are “pretty enough”. All you need to do is hustle yourself over to a mirror, take a good look at yourself and say, “damn am I hot!”.

That is your homework for today. Better yet, find a reflective store window on the street and do it out there. A little public show of confidence never hurt anyone! And maybe it’ll even inspire someone else to do the same. How great would it be if everyone just started walking down the street flaunting what they’ve got and smiling every time they catch a glimpse of themselves and others? If we all saw the real beauty in everyone, there would be so much less stress and anxiety in the world (just like Zandria’s reaction of smiling at the angry pedestrian!).

One of the things this website says is “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Well I’m beholding and I’m seeing beauty. Take that,!

Your thoughts on this? I fully expect a report back from all of you telling me that you’ve done your homework!


  1. the Bag Lady

    I agree with missicat – what an ugly site! (or perhaps that is just my jealousy rearing it’s ugly green head because I know I wouldn’t have a hope in hell of making the cut!!)

    So, Sagan, it’s up to you to start a website for all the NORMAL people – that is, if you can find any!! 🙂

  2. MizFit

    seriously sad (agreeing with BL who is agreeing with missicat) and another indicator how LIFE is like one big HIGH SCHOOL at times, huh?

    what;s the site gonna be called Sagan?


    (thanks for your kind words….)

  3. Susan

    Wow! Talk about a horrible site! Sure shows where their priorities are, and I feel sorry for them. Putting the focus on physical beauty (according to their definition of it)is a terribly unwise investment cause beauty (again as society defines it) doesn’t last. Inner beauty, though; now that’s what really makes a person gorgeous (and it doesn’t ever have to fade)! 🙂

  4. loveofoats

    Ugh… I can’t get over that website… Who puts that stuff up on the internet… It’s so sad knowing that some people are causing our society to go down the tubes… Where did kindness go 🙁

  5. Crabby McSlacker


    I think the most repulsive thing about that site is that it reflects how a LOT of people think. If it was just some weird fetish it wouldn’t be so threatening. But, well, life kinda works like that because we’re such a superficial culture. People get hired and fired and judged based on the shape of their cheekbones. Yuck.

  6. Sagan Morrow

    Missicat & Charlotte- it really is a terribly ugly site. Its hard to believe that there’s quite a few of these sites around (such as areyouhotornot).

    Bag Lady & MizFit- ooh ooh this could be fun! I enjoy the website-making idea:)

    Sharon- thanks for reading my blog, and yes, it is a truly awful site. I just really fail to see the POINT behind such cruelty.

    Running Knitter & Stephee- I don’t get this site either. *shudders*

    Susan- I completely agree with you! I’d definitely choose the lasting beauty over something that won’t be around forever.

    Loveofoats- I wish I knew where all the kindness went! The cruelty of humanity is pretty shocking.

    Crabby- good point. And it’s SCARY that that’s how a lot of people think. I don’t think that this is a society I particularly want to be a part of.

  7. Cammy

    I’m taking your word for it and not even following the link. I do not need anger before bedtime. 🙂

    True story: I was walking into Dillard’s Dept Store a couple months ago and I saw a woman’s reflection in the door and thought, If I could just get to be her size, I’d be happy. Of course, when I got closer to the door, I saw that it was ME. That was the first time I fully realized and accepted what I had done and felt truly proud.

    I’d forgotten about that day, and I thank you for reminding me of it!

  8. geekgirl


    How sad. And also extra weird to me, because has anyone else seen the episode of the Family Guy with the “beautiful people club”? Basically one character gets into a car wreck and needs reconstructive surgery which changes him from overweight Joe to male model, which gains him entrance into the club where only beautiful people are allowed.

    Life imitates (questionable) art?

  9. Sagan Morrow

    Cammy- in telling that story, you just made my day! That’s awesome:)

    Geekgirl- does it ever. Haven’t seen that episode but now I’m all curious!

    Jay- I only linked the article in which I found out about this website, not the website itself. But agreed that our priorities in this society are REALLY messed up.

  10. 2bestrong

    It’s hard work keeping up with the Jones’s and butting your head at society’s conformities.
    You hit the nail on the head!
    My homework.. which I did a while ago.. was to post an actual picture of me online. Granted.. I’m hidin the face.. but it’s me!

  11. Robin

    How awful. It makes me sad for my children. I hope I am a good enough parent to teach them to look beyond one’s appearance and to brush off people (or websites) that only look at theirs.

    Thank you so much for your nice comments on my blog. You are always so positive, and it’s really nice to have that.

  12. chandra

    I have to be honest, I’m not checking the site out. I know it will just disturb me. But I must say I love looking in the mirror and thinking to myself, “damn, I”m hot!” 🙂 heehee there are even a few reflective windows in my office building that I make sure to catch a glimpse of myself in each time I go by. At first I thought I was being conceited and arrogant, but really – who better to tell you how beautiful you are than YOU??

    Sometimes I don’t even need a mirror. Right now I’m looking at my shadow and all I can think is, “damn, I’m hot!” 🙂

  13. Stephanie Quilao

    Having worked in Silicon Valley and tech for many years I can tell you that as bad as that site is, there are others that are far worse and misogynistic. That’s why I’m glad to be out of it. What really gets me is that the creators of these sites really do not see any harm in what they are doing and they feel that they have every right to be “selective” as they call it. *Ugh!*

  14. P.O.M.

    Sheesh – like dating isn’t HARD enough and SUCK enough already. Who would really want to meet somone on that site, when it just PROVES that they are shallow, superficial and one-dimensional. Not I, said the fly. Not me, said the bee.

  15. Sagan Morrow

    Robin- I think that if you’re aware of what you want to do for your kids and make that effort then you’ll have no problems in teaching them that!

    Mark- Thanks:)

    Chandra- I LOVE that. You are awesome.

    Stephanie- I can only imagine how horrible some sites must get. And it really is so sad that the creators don’t think anything of it.

    Leslie- ME TOO.

    POM- No kidding! You’d think that that would be a rather awkward dating scenario.

  16. zandria

    Yay! I’m glad you liked my friendly smiling-advice. 🙂

    I think it’s awesome that you’re comfortable with yourself. As you most certainly should be! I saw the pics you posted and you’re very cute. Go, girl!

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