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Slight changes can make all the difference

I’ve spoken about my love for/obsession with peanut butter, but is there some kind of addictive substance in the combination of bananas and bread as well? Whenever I make my special homemade banana bread, I devour it within two days. By myself. The entire loaf. Sometimes a family member will be lucky enough to sample a piece, but that’s only if they’re quick. I love my banana bread.

Today, we were lucky enough to be surprised at work with homemade banana muffins! (Thanks, Ivy!). They were delicious. And now all I can think about is my craving for them. Even the banana bread that they serve at Moxie’s Classic Grill is excellent. And even if their steak salad wasn’t really tasty, I’d probably order it anyway just to get the banana bread that comes with it.

Speaking of which, I made my own tasty steak salad recently. Usually I add a wedge of Laughing Cow Light Cheese, but there was none at home. Even so, doesn’t it look yummy? I was enjoying the summery plate.

While I had my camera out, I decided to present you with the bracelet (sorry, the kitty wasn’t around… maybe next time she’ll make an appearance!):

Last week, I slept in one morning and completely missed my boot camp session, leaving me totally devastated. However, on Tuesday afternoon, I had the opportunity to do a make-up session! At 5:30pm I joined with a different group and a different instructor for a good hour of circuit training.

Besides the increased heat and amount of mosquitoes at that time of day, the class was also very different because of the teacher. She was nice and cheerful like my regular instructor, but seemed more of a yoga-type than a boot camp-type. We did some fantastic exercises that I’d never tried before (such as a side-to-side walking planks and transferring a stability ball from arms to legs), but she wasn’t pushing us very much with the cardio. She didn’t encourage us to move faster and go harder and to quickly move between each station at the circuit; instead she seemed to be more concerned with us assessing our bodies and not getting injured. Which is great and all, but I really like to work up a sweat when I’m doing cardio. Regardless, it was a good session and I was very happy that I experienced it. Sometimes having a different teacher can offer all kinds of new ideas and ways of looking at things that you never would have thought of before.

But it’s been a tough week with all that boot camp, because besides that make-up session, I also still had boot camp on Monday and Wednesday mornings at 6:30am. Working out that intensely for three days in a row is wonderful but exhausting! And it has taught me that I am definitely more energized in the morning than I am in the afternoon. What about you? Is there a specific time of day that you prefer to do your workout? And do you rearrange your schedule specially to fit in your activity at that certain time?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the discussion that began on Tuesday regarding the cruel website which rates peoples’ beauty. It reminded me of the Body Confidence page that I’ve mentioned before so if you missed that post, I’d like to direct you there to take a look at it. It just serves as a reminder that even though there’s some really brutally harsh websites out there, there’s also some fabulous ones. I know that focusing on the good sites isn’t going to make the bad ones disappear entirely, but at least its going to improve your mood and self esteem when you see all of these lovely other people celebrating their flaws rather than a bunch of lame people judging others on whether their beauty is acceptable. And maybe if there’s enough people protesting against the mean websites*, they’ll be forced to do something about it. So if you’re still feeling upset about (I know I am), take a look at Body Confidence! After all, it IS summertime now, so what better time to appreciate everything that we have and are than the time of year that we show ourselves off the most?

*Click here for contact information if you feel like sending an outraged e-mail:)


  1. Big Girl

    I am for sure a morning workout girl. The later in the day the harder it is for me to motivate myself. I’d like to rearrange my scheudle but right now, I’m at work at 6:30a which for me = no morning workouts.

  2. Susan

    Aww, love the pics. 🙂

    I like to workout in the morning… but not too early. I’m NOT a morning person, but I prefer to workout earlier so I know I got my exercise time in. Despite all that, I’ve actually been exercising in the evenings now, right after work.

    I guess you could say my workout times change throughout the year.

  3. Sagan Morrow

    Big Girl- I feel the same way about the motivation. I guess when I work out first thing in the morning I’m too sleepy to even consider motivation; I just DO it.

    Loveofoats- Oh I’m so glad you appreciate those foods too!

    Susan- I get what you mean about not too early. My boot camp instructor wakes up at 4:30 each morning to go for a bikeride before instructing a 5:30am boot camp class and then a 6:30 bot camp class. And then she does personal training all day long! The 4:30 thing is a little too early for me:)

    MizFit- Aw thanks:) I finished all 4 of those jars of PB2 within a month *blushes*. Hm, so much for the sharing! And I ordered a 12-pack so it should be here soon, which is good because I may or may not be going through PB withdrawal. Maybe I’ve reverted to banana bread to compensate?

  4. Gena

    Definitely morning. I can force myself to work out in the afternoon, but I’m sluggish and manage to drag it out for a really long time, and never work as hard as I know I should!

    Usually, I get up between 5:30 and 6:00 to work out.

    I love peanut butter. I had it for a snack this afternoon, then on a sandwich for dinner. It was wonderful!

  5. the Bag Lady

    I echo part of what Gena said:
    “I get up at 5:30 or 6 every morning….” but I don’t work out then. I just work all day long. Hahahahahaha.

    Actually, in the winter when I don’t have as much to do, I do yoga early in the morning, but please don’t tell anyone as it will ruin my reputation as a slacker…

  6. Nick

    All these baked banana goods has gotten me hungry. And speaking of banana bread, I’ve been meaning to post my peanut butter dark chocolate whole grain banana bread for a while now. I need to dig that winner of a recipe out of hiding and post that sucker! I remember making it for a family gathering and it was polished off by my cousins who normally hated banana bread!

  7. Crabby McSlacker

    I’m so impressed with your dedication! Boot camp + mosquitoes? I’d be so “oh, gosh, I think I’ll sleep in.”

    Good for you for not only hanging in there, but wishing it were “tougher.”

  8. Missicat

    I unfortunately get to work way too early to work out in the a.m., but try to work out for about an hour every day after work (except for Fridays, of course! free day!)

    Peanut butter…the perfect food. yum.

  9. Sagan Morrow

    Gena & Running Knitter- its tough to work out when you’re just not feeling it!

    Bag Lady- I’ll keep it very hush-hush:) Yoga is so happy and relaxing.

    Nick- while I’m VERY partial to my own banana bread recipe and am incredibly loyal to it, I always like learning new recipes. You should definitely post it! I’d love to try it out.

    Crabby- I think my dedication stops there, though… not sure if I can handle those kinds of mosquitoes with another month of boot camp!

    Mark & Missicat- I can’t imagine a world without peanut butter. It would be a terrible terrible place:)

  10. Charlotte

    Homemade banana bread??? I am SO in. In fact I think I may just have to bake some today now that you’ve put the thought in my mind. Mmmmm… And good for you for braving the bugs and getting out there! (love your pink skirt btw – I’m a skirt girl too!)

  11. Sagan Morrow

    Charlotte- I’ve been going through all of my clothes multiple times lately and giving away everything that doesn’t make me feel great about myself. Unfortunately, this means that my options are becoming limited as I am determined to have only clothes which I really truly love. Besides my one pair of jeans, all I’ve got for bottoms is that skirt. Probably should have thought about that BEFORE giving away all of my stuff…

    Also! I will soon post my own banana bread recipe. It’s too good and healthy NOT to be shared:)

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