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Lists are one of my favourite techniques for staying organized!

Today I am…

– Running in my bright blue Vibrams with the boyfriend.

blue feet

– Meeting with my new boss to discuss the fun and awesome things that we are going to be doing in the coming months (more on the new job later! I start July 1 :D).

– Drinking Xocai shakes.

healthy chocolate

This is the only dark chocolate that the boyfriend really enjoys!

– Filling out forms to register The Food Label Movement as an official non-profit organization.

– Planning the wine and cheese I’m hosting on Sunday for a goodbye party for The Bride (I guess since she’s married now she should be called The Wife?).

– Spending a lovely evening with part of the boyfriend’s family.

…A fun-filled day indeed!

I have my hands full right now and am hoping to have more structure to the blog-writing within the next couple weeks 😉 Here are some of the items we’ll be discussing over the next month:

– Bottled water bans.

– Managing a 60-hour work-week.

– Book and product reviews (I’ve got some really good ones to share with you!).

– Losing weight on a new plan (with videos – exciting stuff :D).

– Shifting jobs.

– Healthy rules that you can actually break.

– Kayak trips.

…and much more.

That’s a scattering of my thoughts for you. What’s on your list for today? What’s in store on your blog over the next few weeks?

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