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Outfit of the Day: Simple White Button-up

I love fashion… but I also really like simplicity in my outfits.

And sometimes, that means going with a basic black-and-white ensemble: a simple white button-up shirt with black faux leather pants. Add some super curly hair in the way of paper bag curls, a swipe of purple lipstick, and an antique green cameo locket, and your outfit is complete!

simple white button-up

The godmother dear gave me this particular Clinique lipstick in Berry Licious—it’s a lovely sparkly purple color, and I’ve been wearing it almost religiously since I got it! It’s amazing how much the color seems to change depending on how many layers I’ve slicked on.

For this look, I went with a very light swipe of lipstick—just enough to add a very subtle pop of color.

purple lipstick

Lipstick application in session: this is serious business!

One of the things that I really like about this outfit is how it is so playfully casual, without being out of place at, for example, a networking event.

This particular shirt was actually a hand-me-down (I can’t even remember where it came from), and the fact that it’s over-sized is something that makes me keep coming back to it. Normally I’m all about the fitted items—in this case, I think I prefer that it’s not fitted!

wear a white button-up

Favorite low-key way to wear an over-sized button-up like this: tie it at the bottom!

I like tying this shirt and pairing it with my faux leather pants—it shows off those gorgeous zipper details so nicely. Skinny, fitted leggings makes a great combo with an oversized shirt like this one.

cameo necklace

Vintage pieces can sometimes be the best kind.

A classic cameo necklace and pearl earrings complete this look. Simple, easy, fun, and comfortable—just what you sometimes need!

pearl drop earrings

Pearls are always so pretty.

curly hair

So much light streams through these windows.

Paper bag curls tip: if you want tighter curls to give you more of a big hair! look, let your hair dry for longer after washing it. Keep those paper bags in for as long as possible before removing them.

Want looser curls? Do the opposite! Wrap them up when your hair is still damp; take them out first thing in the morning.

I prefer doing my curls tighter, since I have such long hair and the curls loosen pretty quickly as the day goes on. They also last longer if you do them tighter in the first place.

paper bag curls

Yep. Paper bag curls are where it’s at.

What do you think of this look? Do you like white-and-black ensembles? Do you prefer your simple white button-up shirts fitted or shapeless? Share in the comments section below!

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