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Returning to “school”

I have finally started my Certified Holistic Nutritionist diploma program (distance ed through the Alive Academy). When I finished university last year, I was convinced that I was “done” with school. I had really enjoyed it while I was taking the courses, but I just wasn’t interested in pursuing further academic education. I wanted to get out into the world and make use of my skills in a working environment!

nutritionist diploma

But I suppose a year was long enough to be away from courses, because now I’m back at it. The program is great; I have about four months to complete each course and approximately two years to complete the entire program. Assuming I pass my lesson tests and final exam, I will have more letters (CHN for Certified Holistic Nutritionist) after my name within two years 🙂

I wouldn’t want to have to attend classes, but I’m really enjoying studying nutrition on my own time and taking the lesson tests and such. It’s great to know that I’m doing this not just as a hobby but so that I will receive a certificate by the end of it. Somehow that just makes it all the more worthwhile. It’s funny, though – much of what I’ll be studying over the next two years is exactly what I’ve spent the last five or so years studying/researching in my own time, simply for interest’s sake.

The best part about it all is that I can do the diploma program in the evenings and on weekends, so I can continue with my freelancing work. Ideally I would like to spend half my time doing my current freelance writing/editing/PR work, and half of my time doing nutrition consults. In a few years once I have my Nutritionist certification, hopefully I will be at that stage!

Has anyone else turned their hobby into their profession? Did you go back to school (or take courses) after you had already started a career? What advice do you have for someone taking distance education?


  1. Dr. J

    You are a credit to the Commonwealth! Every doctor I know under the crown has more letters after their name than in their name! (PS Even though we had our separation I still follow that tradition myself 🙂

  2. westwood

    Does this mean we can have study parties??!!

    p.s. I had to plug myself as a rule but please follow back to my blog or go to and sign the petition in the next few hours. I think it’s rather important.

  3. Jody - Fit at 53

    How exciting Sagan!!! I think you need to go after your passion. I am 53 & the older I get the harder it is especially in this economy due to not a lot of time to make up money lost.. which already happened with the crash 2 years ago.. BUT, if I was younger, I would try some different things.

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