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Summertime activities

Ah, summer: it’s a wonderful time of year. Particularly in Winnipeg! After months of cold and snow and slush, we finally get a couple of nice months of warmer weather.

Winnipeg summer

Beers and fire.

As Winnipeggers, we flock to the outdoors in the summer. There are so many festivals and outdoor events to choose between! But my favourite takes place this week: the Winnipeg Fringe Festival.

Winnipeg Fringe 2014

This is pretty much the only time of year I actually stay out past midnight. It’s pretty exciting.

Since it’s summer and the Fringe is taking place, I’m spending most of my spare time this week enjoying the theatre and sitting on patios. It is fantastic.

Winnipeg Fringe

The mother dear and Mr Science – aren’t they adorable?! Fringing is still fun even in the rain.

Of course, that means that I have less time for blogging here – but sometimes, living healthy means stepping away from the computer!

dinner party

Dinner parties on porches are also an excellent reason to put aside the laptop.

What activities are you enjoying this summer? Do you love the theatre? Are you taking the time to lounge on patios? How will you spend your time away from the computer this week? Share!


  1. Contemplative Fitness

    I just relocated from Southern California to my native Colorado. Among my first realizations is that I am once again in a climate where summer is finite. The activities and festivals in this region are many — one needs to enjoy while the weather is good.

    So far it’s been cycling, hiking, beer tasting, baseball, and more. I know winter is around the corner, and it will be long. Makes one appreciate this time of year that much more — something people in year-round warm climates have lost…

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