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How to Host a Dinner Party

Internet Woes

I’m not sure if you missed me, but I missed you when my Internet went down this past weekend. It led to there being no blog post on Monday, me feeling frazzled and lost, and my router to be cursed at once or twice.

C’est la vie.

It was amazing how much I was affected by not being able to go on the Internet. There were dozens of things that I wanted/needed to do, and no way to do it… I’m perfectly content to take a planned break from the Internet, but it’s the unplanned breaks that make me feel anxious.

How to host a dinner party

In lieu of there being no Internet for me to write a blog post, I made a video instead! I’m hosting a dinner party tomorrow evening for six women (including myself), and I thought I’d share with you a few pointers for how to host a dinner party and preparing for it in the week leading up to it. I love hosting events at my condo and I’ve mastered the art of getting ready for the occasions in advance so that I’m not scrambling an hour before everyone arrives.

As I mentioned above, I made the video ahead of time, with the intentions of publishing it today – hence why some of my tenses in the video are jumbled. Oops. Also, the sistertraveller has offered to work my evening shift tonight, so no 12-hour day for me! Such a sweetheart. (And apologies for the ridiculous amounts of shadows from bad lighting.)

Crackers Recipe:

Spinach and Mushroom Quiche Recipe:

If you’ve ever thought about how you would host a dinner party, now’s your chance to share your thoughts in the comments! What do you do to prepare for dinner parties? What’s your favourite recipe to make? What do you wish people would do when they are the hosts?


  1. charlotte

    I forgot to tell you this before but I made your cracker recipe when you first posted it and it’s become a staple! I love it!! So do my kids. Also, I suck at hosting dinner parties – can I just come to yours instead? 😉

  2. sophia

    I usually have lunch parties than dinner parties. I can’t stand dinners, when the guests are all gone and the sun is down and I’m just left with a pile of empty, dirty dishes to clean. You seem to have a good hand at it though, so I think I would much rather be a guest to you! 😉

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