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Winter is here to stay…

This is what I saw on my way to work yesterday morning:

Winnipeg weather

Apparently I live in a blue world.

snow on trees

These photos are blurry because I had to take both mittens AND gloves off in order to get the shots. My freezing fingers were not impressed.

It’s been snowing non-stop for the past few days. Pretty, but it means that colder weather is also here to stay. My wardrobe currently consists of the following:

– Long underwear over socks (makes the legs so happy)

– Wool-lined, waterproof boots that almost reach my knees (perfect for trudging through snow before the sidewalks have been cleared)

– Cozy toque (that’s code for “hat” for all you non-Canadians ;))

– Little black gloves under big sparkly pink mittens (it’s good to have that extra layer in case you need to take off mittens to get out your phone or keys)

– Huge wrap-around scarf (this combined with a toque ensures that only your eyes are exposed to the wind. I’m contemplating investing in some goggles to protect my eyes and really class-up my look.)

– Over-sized brown hoody under my lovely red peacoat (yes it clashes with the pink mittens. No I don’t care when the wind is biting.)

– Go-mug full of hot tea (I consider this a part of my wardrobe because my mug is glued to my hand whenever I leave my house – it keeps the hand warmer and it also warms up the insides!)

Cold is cold is cold

No matter where we live in the world, when the weather gets cooler, it really does have an affect on us. Even if you live in a typically warmer climate, you might think that it’s “cold” when the temperature hits zero. Granted, people living in Winnipeg will probably snicker at you since the norm is for our winters to reach 30 degrees below zero (40 with wind chill! Ugh), but the fact remains that if you aren’t used to it, you’re going to find it cold. Ten or twenty degrees colder than your city’s regular temperature makes a big difference, no matter where it is on the scale of degrees.

Moreover, the cold affects different people in different ways. I do very poorly in the cold (sometimes even when I’m decked out in the above winter wardrobe checklist), whereas I’ve known some people who can go outside in a regular jacket, sneakers, and no gloves, without complaining or turning into an icicle. So we all have to figure out what works for each of us and dress accordingly to survive the colder months!

What are your staples for staying warm when colder weather hits? Do you love or dread winter?

Full disclosure: I’ve definitely not been walking nearly as much as I should be lately, and instead have been getting rides to work – must go shopping this weekend to get boots that won’t get my feet damp! My current boots lasted a solid couple seasons but the weather has taken a toll on them.


  1. Geosomin

    I hear ya. Prairie winters are chilly! I’m a wuss when it comes to cold, so I jsut dress up until I’m comfy. It’s taken years of taking the bus all winter to figure out what I need, but to take the bus all winter so depending on the chill I’m coated up with a good snowboarding coat with hood, scarf, fleece lined hat and gloves…and even goggles, ski pants or long johns under my pants on the stupid cold days. It’s a 10 minute walk to the bus for me so I have to find the balance between warm and not something that I’ll be all sweaty in once I get there. I invested in a new pair of wool lined boots so we’ll see how they are. I really should have a heavy duty pair od Sorels too like the boots you described but they just are really unconfortable…I have to say though – if you don’t like the cold, invest in a good snowboard jacket. I dont’ ski or snowboard, but the coats for that are very warm, completely block out wind and yet breathe really well and isn’t super heavy so I can go out in the winter and not feel like I’m wrapped up like a sausage…
    I got caught unaware last week when it went from -2 to -37. I picked that day to wear a skirt.
    That will not be happening again 🙂

  2. Jody - Fit at 53

    Those are beautiful pics! I grew up on the east coast but moved to southern CA in my first year of high school & after a couple of years, 50 was friggin cold! 🙂

    Now saying that, it does get to the low 40’s & even high 30’s here overnight & early morn & that is what we have been getting lately & expect the next few days for sure. AND, I do go out & do my outside weekend run in those high 30’s & low 40’s. I get bundled all up & away I go…. not sure I like it but I do it!

    I love the beauty of the season but I don’t think I want to live in snow anymore….

  3. The Bird Cage

    Sounds like you’ve got the proper attire to endure the painful Manitoba winter! I feel it slowly creeping east and settling over Toronto… slowly!

    I’m from the tropics, but I actually really enjoy the winter. I like the crisp air, the clean smell of the air, the blinding sparkle of the ice, and the soft, plush snow that cushions your steps. Most of all, I love wrapping myself in warm clothes and sipping on tea by the fire!

    That being said, this year I’ll be rocking a Uniqlo coat that is less than 0.5 lbs! It’s so light and fluffy and warm. It’s increadible! The Japanese really have invented it all! I wish Uniqlo makes it to Canada soon!!!!

  4. Dr. J

    Having lived in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Ohio, and Indiana, I’ve been there and done the winter that! I know the feeling of cold knifing through me, and I don’t plan on intentionally going back to that again. It’s not by chance that so many Canadians, bless their souls, vacation in Florida!

    Y’all come visit now 🙂

  5. the Bag Lady

    I’m with you – really not a fan of winter, so I try not to spend much time outdoors when it’s this cold. On the other hand, I’m not one for wearing long-johns, unless I have to go out when it’s -35 or -40 to feed cows and do chores! I know some people who start wearing long underwear in September and don’t take it off until April (err…. not the same pair for the entire time, you understand…. although there was an old bachelor who lived out here years ago who ended up in hospital and they had to cut his underwear off him – he’d worn the same pair for so long, his body hair had grown through it! Oops…. was that TMI?)
    I do, however, love the woodstove when it’s so cold outside!

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