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Why scarves rock & three types of scarves you MUST have in your closet

Scarves are my personal favorite accessory. I currently own nearly 30 scarves (in all different types, shapes, and sizes) and I love each and everyone one of them. For three seasons of the year—autumn, winter and spring—I’ll wear a scarf nearly every day.

In the summer I opt for lighter types of scarves and don’t wear them with the same regularity as I do in other seasons. By far the best part about the leaves turning every year in the autumn is when I start pulling out my scarves again.

So just why, exactly, are scarves so awesome? For me, there are two main reasons…

types of scarves

<3 scarves

1) Versatility

A magical accessory, scarves can jazz up any outfit in a second. They’ll keep you warm when it’s cold, and depending on the size and type of material, they can easily be transformed into a blanket, a hairpiece, or a belt, or they can be tied around your wrist or purse strap for an extra flash of color.



I hang my collection of scarves from a series of hooks on the wall.

2) A Collector’s Item

I don’t like to own a lot of “stuff,” but when I go traveling there is one item that I love buying to add to my collection: scarves.

Countries such as Turkey and Cambodia have contributed to the bulk of my scarf collection—you can buy a scarf for a few dollars at the market in either of those countries, and they will be beautifully and colorfully patterned. It’s easy to purchase a dozen at a time!

My most expensive scarf is from New York City: an exquisite Hermes* blue suitcase-patterned scarf. Every penny was well-spent—I had planned for that purchase months ahead of time 🙂

I don’t think it’s necessary to throw down hundreds or even one hundred dollars on every piece of clothing you own, but mixing and matching expensive pieces with inexpensive ones does amazing things to your overall look.

Three types of scarves you can wear all year long… and why scarves are awesome and the ultimate fashion accessory! You need to add this stylish piece to your next outfit of the day.

Every woman should have at least three types of scarves in her closet (and preferably more!):

  • The decorative autumn scarf.

Most of my scarves fall into this category. These types of scarves can be worn year-round: on a cooler summer evening, or on a warm winter day (especially if you’re not outside for very long), these pieces will add a nice touch of glamour to your outfit.

An unusual texture, a pretty floral pattern*, a glittery thread, or a vivid color will brighten any dreary day.

Hermes scarf

My beautiful Hermes scarf.

You can be fashionable in winter with a scarf—just make sure you stay warm, too! The pashmina is the perfect option.

I have a few “sensible” winter scarves, which are all solid-colored pashminas, and they work like a charm for wrapping around the neck when it’s windy, or for unraveling and spreading across your legs when you’re sitting out on a friend’s porch in the evening. Wear it around your shoulders at parties for a chic shawl-style* which will keep you warm if your shirt isn’t cutting it.

  • The light spring scarf.

Have fun with some floaty, flirty scarves* for the spring. Delicate, sheer materials work best—an Hermes scarf fits the bill perfectly, I might add 😉

Go for a thinner rather than a wide scarf this season so that it can be wrapped loosely around your neck without overwhelming the rest of your ensemble.

green scarf

Some of the lovely gold thread detailing on one Cambodian-made scarf.

How do you feel about scarves? Are they a mainstay in your wardrobe? What types of scarves are your favorite? Share in the comments below!

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