Bare legs in the office

Should you go bare-legged... or should you wear tights in the office? Find out the top 3 rules for going bare-legged in the office and how to dress appropriately in professional settings! Workwear has never been this fashionable before...Do you wear tights in the office, or do you go bare-legged under your skirt / dress?

For the longest time I felt that it was unprofessional to have bare legs in the office. Then one day at my last job, I realized that even though I was the youngest person in the office (by about 20 years), and even though we all regularly wore skirts and dresses, I was the only one wearing tights!

In fact, the others were all shocked when they realized I was wearing tights. They said that they didn’t like how uncomfortable the tights and hose were, so they just didn’t wear them.

After that, I changed my attitude to never wear open-toed shoes in the office. Lo and behold, the other ladies (all professionals) were wearing open-toed shoes! But they were also—perhaps without even realizing it—following a couple of “rules” to being bare-legged in the office.

Rule #1 of bare legs in the office: have nice legs and feet

No, I do not mean that you have to have perfectly tanned and toned legs—but I do think that you should make an effort to have them look decent, especially if you’re wearing open-toed shoes. If you were out hiking all weekend and you have scratches from tree branches all over your calves, you should probably cover up your legs, whether with light pants, a longer skirt, or tights.

When it comes to feet, it isn’t necessary to wear fancy polish on your toes (although it certainly doesn’t hurt)—but when you have bare legs in the office, take care of your feet. Scrub off callouses, moisturize, and keep your nails short and clean.

Rule #2 of bare legs in the office: think about the weather

If you have to be outside for any length of time in the winter, for the love of fashion and good circulation please wear tights under your skirt! There’s nothing worse than freezing your poor legs off in the middle of winter, and they will turn a tell-tale reddish purple color within minutes which could last all day (not to mention become dry and scaly. Ew).

Rule #3 of bare legs in the office: watch the rest of your attire

Looking classy in the office is important. So if you’re going to go with bare legs in the office, always remember to wear a modest, professional top and a skirt of a decent length. You can get away with a slightly shorter skirt if you have thick tights on underneath, but if you have bare legs, it’s better to stick with a hemline that falls lower down on the leg.

Do you prefer bare legs or wearing tights in the office? What are your office wardrobe “rules”? Share in the comments section below!

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