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Style Inspiration: Natalie Portman

I have a major girl crush on Natalie Portman—partly because she’s the same height as me and we both have beauty marks on our cheeks; partly because she’s an amazing actress; and partly because she fights for her beliefs. Oh—and for the most part, Natalie Portman’s style is pretty amazing.

Natalie Portman style inspiration... what we love about Natalie Portman and how you can emulate her style with this celebrity style outfit inspiration fashion blog post.

Natalie Portman knows how to balance a classic coat with basic jeans. I also adore the ease with which she pulls off a low-profile shoe! Her style is all about cool, casual, classic, and feminine; she goes for basics which play up her features rather than going over the top with fashion trends (which would likely overwhelm her small figure).

She also looks super cute when she combines ballet flats, tights, and a scarf for an easygoing, laid-back look. Natalie Portman’s style is all about playing up her petite figure by dressing in fitted clothes, and combining skinny jeans with slightly over-sized sweaters and jackets.

Pairing a white tank top with a pretty pendant necklace is such a sweet, classic look—and something that Natalie Portman has shown can be done in a perfectly stylish way to the media.

You can emulate Natalie Portman’s style by wearing a simple tank and focusing more on hair, make-up, and jewelry to command the attention of a room. Play up your natural beauty for a winning look! And for fancier occasions, a knee-length cocktail dress with simple heels will fit the bill nicely.

Are you a fan of Natalie Portman’s style? Who do you get your style inspiration from? Are you a fan of cocktail dresses? Share in the comments section below!

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