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Ten-second boost: high heels

Try this super simple trick to change the look of your outfit and make your legs look as though they go on and on (and on). High heels are a fashionista's best friend!

The easiest way to make your calves look lean and toned? Wear high heels! I adore exercising, but it really is amazing how great your legs can look just from wearing a great pair of high heels.

wear high heels

Not only that, but when you wear high heels, it instantly makes any outfit look that much more upscale. They don’t need to be very high shoes, either.

One of my favorite pairs of Steve Maddens are about 1.5 inches high (these are the same shoes that someone once asked me if they were Prada. Such a good example of how you can find fantastic items on a budget!). In fact, I wore those particular pair of shoes for hours all around hilly New York City for several days.

Steve Madden

My pink plaid Steve Maddens

But if you don’t feel comfortable walking for hours in high heels, stash them in your bag to slip on when you arrive at the office or any event you’re attending. There is nothing wrong with getting to your location in walking shoes and then swapping them for dressier shoes upon your arrival.

High heels are the perfect option when you’re not sure of the dress code of an event, too: you can wear very simple clothes combined with dressier high heels to accommodate for if it’s a more casual or a more elegant affair. Wear high heels to dramatically up the ante in a great way.

Prada heels

My prized possession: Prada pumps!

And, like I said earlier, high heels make you legs go on forever. Gotta love them.

Do you wear high heels? Can you walk in them for hours or do you prefer to stash them in your bag? Share in the comments section below!

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