How to make a long shirt shorter

It happens to the best of us: we walk into a store, fall in love with a shirt, purchase it, and then wear it everywhere. Then we glance in the mirror one day and discover that the shirt we thought was so perfect is simply way too long to possibly be considered a shirt.

When this happens, what are you to do? As it happens, being on the short side, over the years I’ve successfully figured out some quick and easy fashion hacks for how to wear an oversized shirt (or one that just doesn’t quite fit your frame right!) and look great in it.

Best (simple & easy!) tips for how to make a long shirt look shorter. This is a great way to wear oversized shirts and still look stylish.

Here are my top tips for how to wear an oversized shirt:

  • Belt it. There’s nothing quite like cinching a shirt at the waist to take off a couple inches. I generally prefer to go with a wide belt in these situations; skinnier belts can be a little more challenging to wear when balancing out an oversized shirt.
  • Tuck it in. Depending on the type of shirt and pants you’re wearing, tucking the excess into your pants can work very well. It might be a little old school, but hey! Anything goes these days. This can also be a nice way to deal with areas you aren’t so confident about.
  • Hem it. Yes, I’m talking about actually sewing. Gasp! You can hem it at home or get a professional to do it. It’ll shave off a few inches no problem, although it may change the shape of the shirt if you do this, so be cautious with this option.

If you follow the above tips for how to wear an oversized shirt, you’ll be able to create whole new outfits. Oversized shirts can be played around with a lot to change your look completely!

What are your best tips for shortening a long shirt? Do you have any ideas for how to wear an oversized shirt? Have you run into this problem before? Do you have another technique that solves the problem? Share in the comments section below!

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