How to make a short shirt longer

make a short shirt longer

Not only can a shirt sometimes be a little too long, but sometimes it can be a little too short!

For the shirts that you love that are just a wee bit on the short side, here are a few options to fix the issue and make that short shirt longer (or at least give the illusion of it):

  • Layer it. Wear the short shirt over top of a longer shirt to play with texture, color, and patterns. Plus it’ll keep you warm in the cold months! This can be a fun and interesting way to mix up your everyday look.
  • Wear a cover-up over the short shirt. A shawl or a floaty blouse with a wide neck is perfect in this scenario to make a short shirt look longer.
  • Pair the short shirt with a high-waisted skirt. Or high-waisted pants. Or high-waisted shorts. You get the idea: either put the emphasis on how short the shirt is (and make that a good thing), or make the short shirt longer by hiding the hem.
  • Get handy with a needle. Take a wide strip of cloth and sew it to the bottom of the shirt. If the shirt itself is a solid color, go with a lace trim or a fun pattern to add a little something extra. If the shirt is patterned, use a solid color for the extra material to balance it all out. We’re not just talking illusion with this one; this trick really will make that short shirt longer!
  • Save it for beach-wear. Sometimes that’s really the only choice you have 😉

Find out tips for how to make a short shirt look longer - and how to get the most wear out of a shirt that is a little bit on the short side - with this style blog post.

What are your techniques for dealing with a too-short shirt? How do you make a short shirt longer? Share in the comments section below!

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