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Three More Ways to Stay Healthy When You Work from Home

After writing my last post on this topic, I realized there are a few other key ways that I stay healthy while working from home. Couldn’t leave these ones out!

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Here are a few more little ways that I stay healthy as a home-based small business owner:

1) Getting in a little movement every day. If I’m not skiing, skating, or walking, I’m doing yoga, lifting weights at home, or visiting GoodLife Fitness. It doesn’t always have to be a ton of movement, but being active is really important! Sometimes it will be first thing in the morning, and other days it will be little bits of movement throughout the day (and sometimes, it will be a nice combination of the two). The important thing is to squeeze in movement where possible.

2) Taking a day off when I need it. When I worked at a non-profit, I had some flexibility with my hours, so I would often work longer days and bank hours so that I could leave early on Fridays. Now that I have my own business, I can’t usually take full days off (especially not a couple days in a row, or a full weekend!), but I’m getting better at recognizing when I really just need to take 24 hours to myself. If you don’t take the break when your body and mind need it, then your work and your health will suffer.

I usually take either a Friday or a Saturday *mostly* off, and if I end up working on that day, then by Wednesday the following week I’m in desperate need of a day off. So I take it.

3) Letting my workday be flexible. As I’ve mentioned before, my work weeks vary wildly! I’ve found that one of the best things I can do for my mental health is to simply be flexible with how my day goes. There have been some days when I have actually worked for 45 minutes in the morning before deciding that I need a two-hour break… and there are other days when I easily work 12-hour days.

It’s about identifying your peak work hours (which might change from day to day or week to week), and identifying when you need a rest, and fitting your work schedule to match that so that you can be highly productive, produce great work, and take care of your health.

Got any work health tips? Do you work from home? How do you stay healthy during the day? Share in the comments section below!

This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Yum Yucky

    My goal is to one day be able to do that. All I know right now is that when I have a vacation day and I’m home during the week, it’s more of a challenge to keep my food choices in check. It’s something I’ll need to master when the transition to home takes place. Great tips! I’ll check out GoodLife right now.

    1. Sagan Morrow

      That’s a really important point! When it’s not the norm, it’s SO EASY to say “whee!” and go nuts with food etc.

      But when you work from home every day… that’s when I realized I should start making healthier habits 😉

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