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What inspires you to live healthy?

I’ve been “living not blogging” the past month – I’ll do my best to start “living AND blogging” again 😉

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what inspires us to be healthy, to eat well, to stay active. Everyone is going to have their own little areas of inspiration, but here are just a few of mine:

  • A clean home. I’ve talked a lot about organization and tidiness and cleanliness before, and for me this is a big one. Somehow when my living and working space are clean, it inspires me to ensure my body gets the same way. I get really excited about eating well and staying active when the environment all around me is taken care of.
  • Healthy resources. Reading books, magazines, cookbooks, blogs and articles are a great way to remind yourself to stay healthy and to motivate you to do so.
  • Prepared meals and menu planning. When I have a solid idea about what I’m going to eat, everything is much easier. You can visualize the healthy food and think about how good it tastes, and that just makes it all the more desirable!
  • Support from others. When Mr. Science returns home from his stretches out in the field this summer, we’ve been going for walks and bike rides. We’ve been making healthy meals together and it has helped a lot with keeping accountable. It’s good to have lots of support from others!
  • Writing down goals. I have a sheet of paper taped to my desk, right beside my computer, with a list of my goals and the dates I want to achieve those goals and rewards for my accomplishments. Seeing them every day makes them that much more real and tangible.

What inspires you to live healthy? What are your tricks for ensuring you stay on the right track? Share in the comments section below!

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