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A day of raw (somewhat against my will)

I unfortunately lost track of when and how much I ate yesterday, but this is roughly what I had (I’ll do a better job of exact details for the rest of this week, I hope!):

– Lots of oat cakes

pretty placemat

Oat cake and green shake.

– Lots of kale chips

– A couple bowls salad

white bowl

I eat my salads with chopsticks!

delicious salad

Isn't my salad dressing container the cutest?

salad with apple

This salad contained organic mixed spring greens, apple sticks, sliced organic local mushrooms, avocado, and a healthy drizzle of homemade dressing.

– A couple bananas with nut butter and chocolate sauce

raw dessert

Sliced banana with homemade walnut butter and homemade chocolate sauce

– A few green shakes

– Grapes

– Chocolate chip cookie dough balls

Cramps and cravings

A few things were working against me yesterday in my efforts to eat mindfully and healthy. I woke up an hour and a half before my alarm went off because I was absolutely starving. Then, I had the most awful cramps (never had them until I switched my medication a few months ago, and goodness but they are no fun!), which interestingly magically vanish when you’re eating. And then there was the worst part: I started craving popcorn.

Popcorn is probably my biggest weakness. I’m not sure how much of it is a physical craving (as in, the corn has some kind of nutrients my body needs), and how much of it is an emotional one (when I was going through the worst of my disordered restrictive eating, the one thing that I allowed myself to eat on a fairly regular basis was popcorn). At any rate, it’s a habit I need to kick.

But yesterday when my cramps and cravings were worsening, I finally just said “screw it” and made myself a deal that if I could find some vegan buttery spread to go with my popcorn, then I was allowed to indulge.

I figured that the nearest store to my house would likely have what I was looking for, so I put on an old pair of shoes that I hadn’t worn since last summer and headed out my door. The first store was no good. So I went to another store. It had a vegan buttery spread, but not the exact one that I was looking for. So I went to a third store. And a fourth. And then I went back to the second to get their brand – but the store was closed. At this point my left heel was killing me from the shoe rubbing it – I had forgotten that this particular pair of shoes had been worn so often that the backing had worn right through the cloth and poked directly at my heel.

As I hobbled back home, I was thinking to myself in a resentful sort of way that the universe must be telling me to deal with it. Then I suddenly remembered that there was a fifth store, just a couple blocks from my home, which would almost certainly have vegan buttery spread! I hurried to it, only to find the place closed.

At this point I had to laugh. Cravings and resentment dissipated. It was all really very silly, now that I thought about it, and there was nothing that I should be grumpy over. But at least I’d gotten a really great walk out of it!

When I arrived home and pulled off my shoe, this is what I saw:



Pleasant, isn’t it? I smothered it with (local!) honey before wrapping a few bandages good and tight around it.

There’s a good lesson in there somewhere. I’m glad how it all worked out in the end, and hope that I can stick with eating raw when I’m by myself. If I have a popcorn craving then I’m going to wait until a time when I’m with others to indulge. Indulgence is always better when shared with other people, anyway.

Oh, and those shoes? They’re getting tossed.


  1. fd

    aw i’m sorry that sounds like the most frustrating thing to happen. i’ve learnt some lessons about cravings in a really really similar way in the past so i’m sorry to say that i laughed in recognition. 🙂
    what does the honey do? I’ve never heard of putting honey on your skin for that kind of ailment!

  2. Dr. J

    Gosh, I’m sorry you are having such a hard time, Sagan! What’s wrong with having popcorn along with your raw diet anyway? Do you have to be so rigid about it? Mostly raw seems pretty good to me.

    1. Sagan Morrow

      Because must. be. perfect. 😉 No, I’m just kidding. I wound up having popcorn today, in the end!

      I don’t have to be so rigid about it, I just really wanted to deal with the craving in this particular situation rather than let it take over, you know? And I’m not having that hard of a time – I was just cranky 🙂 I’m loving the raw food.

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