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Review of the Plan 2 Bee personal planner/organizer notebook

plan 2 beeI was lucky to have received this planner as a review product from Lisa Casler, the brains behind Plan 2 Bee.

What is Plan 2 Bee? It’s a pretty darn adorable daily organizer, that’s what it is 🙂 I really like to be organized all the time; I like to know what I’ll be doing in the next few days and to have a proper plan. It’s not that I don’t like spontaneity – it’s just that I like to have an idea of the way things are going to go.

This cute little planner is absolutely perfect for me. It is colour-coded for each of the four seasons of the year (divided by blue, yellow, green and pink). At the beginning of each quarter of the year, there’s an area to list short term and long term goals, as well as to jot down your priorities for the next few months. Then there’s a two-page spread calendar of the month, and after that there’s the breakdown of each week. Each day gets its own good-sized column; there’s a space to input what time you woke up at and what time you went to sleep at, as well as an area to write daily and weekly goals. There is also – squee! – a section for a fitness and nutrition log for every day. The coil-bound notebook ends with an area of notes for preparation for the following year, as well as a couple pages to list phone numbers.

daily plannerI love the Plan 2 Bee planner because it’s a great way to plan your day, keep track of appointments and meetings, and also to mark your progress in health goals. Health is very important so it’s awesome that it’s been built right into the Plan 2 Bee agenda!

These days I use my smart phone as my “agenda book,” but the frustrating part about that is that I always seem to be making meeting and appointments when I’m talking on the phone. It makes it tough to actually see my planner when I’m talking into it. I’m not planning on stopping to use my iPhone completely when January 2012 rolls around, but I do plan to use both the phone and the Plan 2 Bee planner (it goes from January – December 2012) so that I can use both of them for reference. I’m honestly really, really excited to start using it.

The only thing that I would change to the planner is to have some type of built-in marker to know at what place you are in the year. Also, I wasn’t a huge fan of the imagery throughout the book, but that’s just personal preference. The other minor problem with it is that it’s quite large – of course, it would be, when it contains so much great stuff! – so it’s not necessarily the easiest thing to carry around, depending on the size of bag you carry.

But I strongly recommend that you get a Plan 2 Bee planner for yourself if you are in need of something for tracking your day to day activities as well as your fitness/nutrition progress. It’s a cute, fun way to organize your life!


  1. Laural @ Being Healthier

    long time no comment huh?! haha. I know smartphones are fantastic and I used mine for calendaring BUT there is something about planners, where you can write down things and cross them off etc. that is just so simple and easy. Looks like a great planner! catchy name too Plan 2 Bee

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