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Radio co-host for Wooden Spoons

One of the things about being healthy is making sure that we continue to always learn new things, exercise our brains, and expand our horizons. I’m doing that – starting today! – by volunteering as a radio co-host for the Wooden Spoons program on CKUW 95.9 FM.

To quote from the CKUW website:

Wooden Spoons explores paths to healthy living in our homes and our communities through whole foods, environmentally friendly living, and the importance of supporting the local economy.

I am absolutely delighted to get a chance to co-host this talk radio program. The previous co-host is pregnant (due later this month!), so I’m filling in for her for the next few months, at least, until she’s ready to return. In the meantime, I get to spend an hour every Friday morning with my friend Mary Jane. She’s a nutritionist and owns her own cooking school, and she shares a lot of my views on health and nutrition. She’s had me on her show as a guest in the past for Fruit Share and The Food Label Movement.

Co-hosting is something completely different for me. I’m perfectly comfortable speaking in front of a crowd or on the radio, but working the tech part – which is what my main duty will be – is something I never expected I’d be doing. It’s going to be heaps of fun!

You can also listen into the show at the CKUW website, by clicking on the program archives section. If you’re living in Winnipeg, tune your radio to CKUW between 8 and 9 a.m. on Fridays to listen to the Wooden Spoons show!

What new things have you done lately? Would you ever consider going on the radio? What types of volunteer work have you been involved with? Share in the comments section below!


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