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Ten-second boost: big sunglasses

Yes, I’m talking about over-sized Jackie O-style sunglasses. What’s so great about them? Three reasons:

  1. You get to pretend you’re a celebrity.
  2. Big sunglasses are a great way to hide bags under your eyes or a lack of make-up.
  3. They can give the most low-key outfit a whole new flare.

A word to the wise

Of course, you’ll look silly if you stay inside for any length of time without taking off your sunglasses. But in that case, you can easily prop them on top of your head for a casually stylish look. Just practice propping them up there at home before you do it in public: hair pieces, hats, and longer bangs can all get in the way of making this look work.

The hair framing my face is slightly shorter than the rest of my hair, which means that when I prop my sunglasses up on my head, little pieces will stick straight out of my head since they’re too short to smooth back nicely. The trick is to figure out a way of smoothing it all down before you even leave the house.

Outdoors, big sunglasses are your new best friend. Plus they’ll keep the sun out of your eyes (oh right – they do have a practical use, too!).

What type of sunglasses do you prefer to wear? Have you ever worn them to hide dark circles under your eyes? Have you mastered the technique of propping them up on your head? Share in the comments section below and / or email me a photo of you in your favourite pair of sunglasses at

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